Important of Selenium And Why We Need to Choose This?


Importance of selenium:-

Selenium is presumably the best choice for computerized testing of Web sites today. It is winding up progressively prominent and it is the primary decision of mechanization analyzers and additionally associations for robotizing the testing of Web-based applications for both the GUI and the usefulness. Selenium can likewise be utilized as a unit testing device for JavaScript.

  • It is a free and open source
  • have a huge client base and helping groups
  • Have cross Browser similarity (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and so on.)
  • Have extraordinary stage similarity (Windows, Mac OS, Linux and so on.)
  • Supports various programming dialects (Java, C#, Ruby, Python, and Pearl and so forth.)
  • has new and normal archive advancements underpins appropriated testingbest selenium online training in hyderabad, selenium online training ,selenium chart , importance of selenium

There are some reasons for why we need to choose it?

1. Selenium is an unadulterated open source, freeware and versatile apparatus.

2. Selenium bolsters assortment of dialects that incorporate Java, Perl, Python, C#,Ruby,Groovy, JavaScript, and VBScript.      and so forth.

3. Selenium underpins numerous working frameworks like Windows, Macintosh, Linux,Unix and so forth.

4. Selenium bolsters numerous programs like Internet pilgrim, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and so on.

5. Selenium can be incorporated with ANT or Maven sort of structure for source code aggregation.

6. Selenium can be incorporated into testing structure for testing our applications and creating reports.

7. Selenium can be incorporated with Jenkins or Hudson for the consistent combination.

8. Selenium can be incorporated with other open source apparatuses for supporting different highlights. Greatest preferred    standpoint is selenium can retain effectively to compose test cases. 

9. Selenium can be utilized for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and so forth based application testing.

10.Selenium bolsters less CPU and RAM utilization for content execution. Selenium accompanies distinctive segment to offer help to its parent which is Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid and Selenium Remote Control (RC).


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