Advanced Java

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Advanced Java Topics:


Servlets and JSPs


1. Basics of a Web application

  • What is a web application?
  • What is a web client and web server?
  • How do client and server communicate?
  • HTTP protocol basics
  • HTML language basics
  • What is a TCP/IP port, URL?
  • Need for a Web Container

2. Web Contaner and Web Application Project Set up

  • To set up Tomcat Container on a machine
  • To set up a Servlets JSP project in Eclipse
  • To configure dependency of Servlet JSP APIs
  • Web application project struture

3. Servlets

  • What are Servlets?
  • What can they do? Why are they needed?
  • How do Servlets look in code?
  • GET/POST request; differences between the two
  • Servlet Lifecycle
  • Servlet Context and Servlet Config
  • Forwarding and Redirection of requests

4. Session Management

  • What is a session?
  • Why is it required?
  • How to get a session?
  • Session information passing between client and server
  • Sesssion information passing mechanisms – Cookies, Rewriting
  • How to destroy a session

5. JSPs

  • Introduction to JSP an dneed for JSPs
  • Basic HTML tags
  • JSP Lifecycle

6. JSP Elements

  • Scriptlets
  • Expressions
  • Declarations
  • Significance of above elements and fitment into the JSP Lifecycle
  • What are Directives in JSP?
  • Page Directive
  • Include Driective
  • Taglib Directiv

7. JSP Tag library

  • JSP Standard Actions
  • Expression Language
  • JSTL basics and it’s usage
  • Need for Custom Tag Library
  • Custom Tag Library implementation


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