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Best QTP/UFT Online Training Institute in Hyderabad

Supreet Solutions is One of the top and best Institutes for QTP/ UFT Online and Classroom Training In Hyderabad by 15+yrs of Real Time industry experts.

As well As we also provide QTP/UFT Online Training In USA UK Australia Canada India & Hyderabad.

We provide QTP/UFT Course Contents, QTP/UFT Tutorials, QTP/UFT Recording Sessions, QTP/UFT  live demos, QTP/UFT real time job oriented training.

UFT Online Training Course Content

What is UFT?

  • Prepare Before Automation
  • Application under Test
  • First look at Add-Ins for UFT
  • Understanding the UFTUser Interface
  • Setting up preferences in UFTbefore recording

Record and run a script Record a simple script

  • Save the script
  • Run the test script
  • Understand the result

Introduction to Object Repository What is Object Repository?

  • Types of Object Repository
  • Object Repository Manager
  • Associating shared Object Repository with test

Shared Object Repository Local Object Repository

  • Create a shared Object Repository
  • Add objects to shared Object Repository
  • Save a shared Object Repository
  • Modify the shared Object Repository
  • Comparing Local and Shared Object Repository


  • What is Synchronization?
  • Synchronization in UFT
  • Add Synchronization Steps for an Object


  • Why Parameterization
  • Insert an input Parameter
  • Insert an output Parameter
  • Parameterize the check point
  • Parameterize the object property

Check Point

  • What is Check Point?
  • Using Standard Check Point
  • Using Regular expression

Database checkpoint

  • What is database checkpoint?
  • Writing SQL Query using Microsoft Query
  • Parameterize a database checkpoint

Multiple and Reusable actions

  • Creating multiple actions
  • Define action as reusable
  • Call reusable action into a main test
  • Using local and global data sheet

Recovery Scenarios

  • Identify exceptions in a test
  • Create a recovery scenario
  • Associate a recovery scenario with a test
  • Optional step in a test

Descriptive programming (DP) in UFT

  • What is DP?
  • Method1 of DP
  • Providing multiple properties in method1
  • Method2 of DP
  • Providing multiple properties in method2
  • Hierarchy of DP
  • Why do we need to use DP

Introduction to VB Script

  • Overview of vb script
  • Overview of object oriented programming
  • Common windows and web objects
  • Common methods
  • Guidelines for vb scripting
  • Using statement completion
  • Expanding vb script syntax
  • Launching context sensitive help
  • Applying with statement to the test

Working with object properties

  • Overview of retrieving object properties
  • Run time properties versus test object properties
  • Using get RO property and set RO property
  • Tracing values in debug viewer
  • Filtering events of reporter utility

VB script operator, statement and functions

  • Comparison operator
  • Arithmetic operator
  • Logical operator
  • Constants and variables
  • Adding comments
  • Assigning variables to point to object
  • Conditional logic in script(If then else, select statement)
  • VB script functions
  • string comparison
  • data manipulation
  • type conversion
  • opening dialog box


  • functions
  • Creating a function
  • Defining arguments, setting return values, handling errors
  • Using procedure locally
  • Associating procedure with a test object
  • Registering procedure with object class
  • Overriding an existing object method


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