Selenium with C#

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Supreet Solutions Provide’s Best Selenium With C# Online and Classroom Training In Hyderabad by 15+ yrs of industry experts, in our training of selenium with C# our trainers cove all the important concepts witch ply the major role to execute selenium automation testing by using C#.

Our Trainers are highly experienced and Industry experts so that they can clearly elaborate each and every concept from scratch on words and all the training process will be goes on in a Real time manner and explained briefly by taking live project scenarios so that student can easily understand the exact concepts of C# execution by using selenium automation testing and feels hands on on each concept of the C#

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  • What is automation testing?
  • Advantages of automation testing.
  • When to start automation and how.
  • Automation test strategy
  • Components of Selenium

Selenium IDE.

  • Recording the scripts.
  • Running the scripts.
  • How to Save the recording script.
  • Object Identification.
  • Difference between Test case and Test suit.
  • Languages supported while Recording.
  • Synchronization in Selenium IDE.
  • When to use Selenium IDE
  • Advantages of Selenium IDE
  • Disadvantages of Selenium IDE

Working with Visual Studio & Selenium Webdriver

  • Set up Visual Studio with Webdriver
  • Creating Solution(s)
  • Creating different project types.
  • Compiling and referencing projects.
  • Working with various browsers
  • Webdriver commands
    • Browser commands
    • Webelement commands
    • Handling checkbox, Radio buttons, Dropdowns, Web tablet
    • Switching between Alerts, Windows, popups, Iframes
  • Identifying Elements
    • By ID, Name, Link, PartialLink, XPath, CSS, Tagname, Class…
    • Actions – Mouse and Keyboard.
  • Synchronization – Implicit and Explicit
  • External sources – Excel, XML


  • Download and configure NUnit with Visual Studio
  • Nunit-Attributes, assertions
  • Reports – Extent Reports.
  • Page Object Model – design pattern.
  • PageFactory

Code Repository

  • Downloading and configuring SVN
  • Uploading and downloading code to SVN

Continuous Integration

  • Download and configure Jenkins.
  • Configuring SVN, Visual Studio, email with attachments
  • Running jobs from Jenkins manually and through scheduling

Selenium GRID

  • Overview
  • Setting up Grid
  • Executing tests in Parallel and in Distributed mode.

C# Contents

  • The internal architecture of .net
  • Rules and Regulations of
  • Data Types and types of Data Types
  • Methods and types of methods.
  • Access specifies – Instance and Static
  • Type Casting – Implicit and Explicit
  • What is Parsing and Convert, boxing, unboxing
  • Bitwise operators and types
  • Loops – for, while, for each, do-while
  • Conditional statements
  • Arrays
  • Constructors – Type of constructors
  • Difference between Instance and Static constructors
  • Inheritance, advantages of inheritance, types of inheritance
  • Destructors
  • Polymorphism
  • Collections and Generic collections.
  • Properties

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Selenium With C# Demo Video:

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